What next?

  • Until there is a recognised clinical protocol for the diagnosis of Vasa Praevia, the minimum standard expected in obstetric care should be the referral of a patient presenting with warning signs or symptoms, or a patient falling within the known risk groups, to a suitably qualified sonographer for a transvaginal ultrasound using colour Doppler.
  • If you live in the South or South-East and there is no one within your NHS trust competent to undertake this diagnosis, VASA PRAEVIA Raising Awareness recommends referral to Professor Kypros Nicolaides, c/o The Fetal Medicine Centre.
  • If you live in the North or the Midlands, VASA PRAEVIA Raising Awarenms recommends referral to Mr Chris Griffin, consultant obstetrician, c/o Midland Ultrasound and Medical Services (http://mums.me.uk/).

VASA PRAEVIA Raising Awareness

VASA PRAEVIA Raising Awareness was set up with the specific purpose of raising awareness about this condition and to bring about the implementation of a nationally recognised clinical protocol for the antenatal diagnosis and management of Vasa Praevia.

Unless something is done, every year up to 400 otherwise normal healthy infants are at risk of death and/or severe physical and mental compromise.

For more information on Vasa Praevia please contact us here.