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Baby Emilia

Baby Emilia – daughter of Lisa and Antony Paine

Emilia was born safely on 23rd May 2005 – as a direct consequence of successful prenatal diagnosis of Vasa Praevla. Our story starts at the 20 week anomaly scan, when the sonographer spotted a problem with the placenta. Lisa had placenta praevia and was also diagnosed with Vasa Praevia. At the time, we didn‘t know what this was – all we knew was that the baby would have to be delivered by C-section. Our consultant advised us that Lisa should go straight to hospital if she experienced any bleeding.

Sure enough, at 24 weeks, Lisa suffered a fairly serious bleed and was admitted to hospital. Luckily the bleeding stopped and during the course of the next few weeks, the original diagnosis of Vasa Praevia was confirmed by further scans. Lisa was advised to stay in hospital for the rest of the pregnancy, for bed rest and observation. lt was expected that further bleeding would result in premature birth and we thought that